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David Burrows is the husband of his lovely wife, Elizabeth. They have two boys, Austin and Wesley. He is president of Burrows-Muse Agency, Inc., a small business that provides insurance services to about 2000 households in Oklahoma. David holds two degrees from Southwestern Christian University: a bachelors in biblical studies and a masters in leadership. He earned the Academic Achievement Award. 


After his undergraduate work David youth pastored at his father's church in Wichita, Kansas. While there he served as both school teacher and vice-principal of a private K-12 Christian school. In 1998 a major Christian media company invited David to serve their CEO as executive assistant. Through this experience David saw the power and importance of business. Moving back to Oklahoma, David started his own business while completing his graduate education at SCU. It was during this time he formulated his personal mission statement: inspiring leaders to infuse their culture with Truth. 


Today, David serves the Enid community and has volunteered in a variety of positions. He was accepted into membership with the Enid Rotary Club, the second largest Rotary in the state of Oklahoma. He is a national award winning past-president of the Enid Noon American Business Club. He is a failed politician running to be Enid's mayor and receiving the now coveted 2nd place position. He served a U.S. Senator on the United States Service Academies Selection Committee and served as vice-president of Enid’s United Way. He served as chairman on the Board of Regents for Southwestern Christian University, and has been a member of both the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Society of Christian Philosophers.  Most recently David and Elizabeth were baptized into the Orthodox Church.  They attend worship at St. Nino Orthodox Church in Stillwater, OK and help serve in a local outreach service in Enid on the last Fridays of the month.


In recognition for his service and accomplishments David was awarded as the regional finalist for the Ray Lynch Community Service Award. David served his industry peers by representing them on their state and regional advisory boards. His agency has won Oklahoma Agency of the Year, EA/EFS Partnership of the Year, Client Growth Champion as well as qualified for every level of achievement including the exclusive Chairman’s Inner Circle, the top 1% of the company. 

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